Brighten Your Home This Summer

You don’t have to overhaul your home to brighten it up for the summer. Here are four easy tips to give your home the summery freshness that make your place sunny and inviting.

1. Choose a lighter, brighter area rug

It changes the feel of an entire room. There are many premade summer florals, stripes and other styles that evoke warm seasons, such as nautical and shell motifs. Plus you can choose from National Design Mart’s entire collection of by-the-yard carpeting and have it cut-and-seamed to size, creating your own area rug.

Summer Rug Style

2. Update your throw pillow to complement the feel of the season

It’s a great way to use your upholstery as a canvas and your pillows as the summer season embellishment.

3. Update your throw blankets, too

The same goes for your throw blankets. Choose a fabric that’s lighter in construction and look to give a sunny feel to the room.

Light Summer Room Decor

4. Bring the outdoors, indoors

Fresh flowers always bring brightness to a space. You have more choices in the warm seasons, so mix it up more often. From aster-to-zinnias, fresh flowers will beautify and brighten your home this summer.

Tulips Brighten Your Living Space
Hand Picked Flowers in a Jug

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Our Christopher Lawrence Designer rugs may be the right fit to brighten up your space.

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